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Find a Medical and Surgical Expert Witness in FindLaw's Legal Services Market Center. We offer a free national directory of experts and consultants that specialize in anesthesiology, breast implants, burns, cardiology, chiropractic, DNA forensics, disabilities assessment, employee benefits, health administration, internal medicine, nursing, neurology, pediatrics, pharmacology, physical therapy, toxicology and many other areas related to medical and surgical issues. If you are involved in litigation and need a testifying expert, or simply want an expert opinion, FindLaw can help.


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IMS ExpertServices™
From pharmaceuticals to medical devices and health care, to enforce or defend intellectual property, and product liability, 90 of the top 100 law firms choose IMS ExpertServices™. We are the Premier provider of experts. We are focused on serving your unique requirements. Our search professionals deliver fully qualified, conflict free, best of class experts. Let us do the legwork. We'll hit the BullsEye. (877) 838-8464.

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